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AIM for Wellness
2100 Hedgcoxe Rd, Suite 100
Plano, TX 75025

972-769-2395 (fax)

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NEED A SATURDAY APPOINTMENT? Dr. Ahmed sees patients on Saturday for urgent care needs. He will see all AIM for Wellness patients. He is available most Saturdays, but please call ahead to verify. 

Adult Internal Medicine is home to Dr. Ghufran Ahmed, Dr. Paul Anthony, Dr. Stephanie Berg and Dr. Andrew Minigutti. Dr. Anthony works with PAs - Kristi Harding and Chris Peebles.

We want to work together with you to give you every opportunity for a long healthy life. Coming to see us when you don't feel well is part maintaining your health, but regular visits for screening, testing, immunizations, examinations and keeping your chronic problems under control is just as important. 

We look forward to working with you so that we can enjoy growing old together!

At AIM for Wellness you can get everything done at one office visit. We have lab, X-ray and other testing on site.  We also have specialists that come to our specialty suite during the week.  We want to make your healthcare convenience for you!

We are a proud member of The Plano Chamber of Commerce.


Empowerment begins with a good relationship between patient and physician, one in which the patient feels comfortable asking questions.

1. Get a second opinion - an extra perspective can be illuminating and may help you make a more informed choice about treatment.

2. Don't go it alone - take a family member or caregiver with you to appointments to act as an extra set of ears.

3. Ask away - pose as many questions as necessary to your physician until you understand an issue. Write questions down before an appointment to save time and help you remember what to ask.

4. Exercise caution when using the Internet - much health information in cyberspace isn't credible, so stick to well-known organizations, such as the American Heart Association or Texas Health Resources, when searching for facts about disease.

Refill Policy

When you need a medication refill, please call your pharmacy and they will contact us. This reduces the possibility of errors being made when filling your prescription.

Please allow 3-5 working days for refills of routine medications.

Urgently needed medication refills should be called to the office and a message left for the nurse.

Dr. Ahmed's MA - ext 135                      

Dr. Anthony's MA - ext 137                   

Dr. Berg's MA - ext 109

Dr. Minigutti's MA - ext 141

NO refills will be approved after hours or on weekends.